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Starting clothing brand: the success story of Rockstar Clothing

“Keep rockin and live like a Rockstar”

Rockstar Clothing is a Dutch Clothing brand, founded in the year 2016. Two young excited entrepreneurs decided to start a clothing label, and it completely changed their lives. During their 1 year existence, there were a lot of changements. The brand developed enormously in a short time period. This clothing brand is an example and can be an inspiration for starters.

This is their story.


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Brand Story: the reason of their success

You can notice the brand story in their clothing collection, you can see it on pictures, and it’s clearly communicated through their social media channels. The brand story of a clothing label is essential if you want to create fans. Rockstar Clothing started with their own style, and tells everyone their brand story.

Here it goes:

Rockstar is a symbol of this time. Where it was previously linked to a rock band, it is linked by this time to cool and fancy men.

A good example is the hip hop scene in which the hand often comes forward. The attraction of these people is huge and many young people are jealous of the lives that these Rockstar’s live. This has led us to the name Rockstar.

The simplicity of the brand represents the power it radiates. A Rockstar is always looking for new adventures and opportunities. With this brand it is possible in many ways.

‘Keep rockin and live like a Rockstar’


The reason to start a clothing brand

Sam and Vincent are two friends. One day, after Sam was operated on his eye, his friend Vincent visited him. Instead of being lazy and buying a playstation, Sam and Vincent had the idea to start a clothing brand. On Whatsapp, they often use the rocking hand. They figured that it would be cool to develop this rocking hand, and to make a statement with this awesome hand. The two friends know that it was popular. Artists, footballers and young people use it often. This rocking hand was the beginning of their story, and it became the symbol of Rockstar Clothing.


Design of a starting clothing label

Sam began to make sketches, and he got help from his sisters. After their first draft, Sam and Vincent went to a printing shop who offered graphic help. The graphic designer thought it was a cool idea, and adapted the draft. After a few coffees and talks, the design began to develop, until Sam and Vincent thought “This is it!”.


Creation of the first clothing collection

When you know what you want, and you have a design, it’s time to figure out how you will create your clothes. Vincent and Sam did some research, and they found a partner: Merchandise Essentials. They had the logo and the name, and the team of Merchandise Essentials guided them to make their first collection. Sam and Vincent came to the office to create the first clothes. Their fist collection were t-shirts and sweaters. Now, it already developed in special edition t-shirts and other awesome clothing.


How can you sell your clothes?

Rockstar Clothing connects with people and brands to cooperate. Sam and Vincent cooperated with the founder of Extreme Cashmere and promoted their clothing on a homesale. People were excited, and it popularized the brand. Sam and Vincent were enthusiastic because of the positive reactions. On Facebook and Instagram, the likes and followers popped up. Almost in 1 week, Ronnie flex -one of the most known rappers in the Netherlands- wore their t-shirt with the rocking hand. They achieved this because a friend of them organises parties. They figured that it worked, because people associated the t-shirt of Ronnie Flex as a cool brand.

Sam and Vincent recently opened their own store: Djoez. They sell their own brand, but also other clothing brands. It’s a strength to sell more brands, it attracts more visitors to your store.

Most important of all, they created a successful webshop. It’s a must if you want to sell your clothes to a larger public.


The road to success for a starting clothing brand

Rockstar Clothing created more clothes, different styles of sweaters and other colours. Mostly, they sell because of word-of-mouth marketing. Sam and Vincent have confidence in their partner, Merchandise Essentials. The experienced team advises the team and they know the fashion trends. Merchandise Essentials understands the vision of Rockstar Clothing, and want to obtain a continuous growth. Sam and Vincent think that it’s highly important to find a reliable partner.


This was their story.

We believe that every starting clothing brand can become successful. It’s an adventure, you have to believe in your brand. With a reliable partner, you will find the road to success.


Have trust, make plans, and just do it!

Do you want to find out how you can start your own clothing brand? Contact our team, we are happy to guide you.

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