Apparel Design

Create breathtaking apparel design

Here’s the situation. You’re looking for a creative design. Not a regular design. You want to knock someone’s socks off with your apparel. Because we love memorable merchandise, we offer you this solution.

What’s in it for you?

  • We create your design for only € 250.
  • Only if there’s a dazzling design, your clothing will be worn.
  • We have technical expertise in order to design for clothing.

These are just a few examples

From a corporate identity to a memorable design. These are just a few of our favorite examples.

  • Apparel Design - Matt Security example
  • Apparel Design - Siësta Beach example
  • Apparel Design - Braem example
  • Apparel Design - Dewaele example
  • Apparel Design - Unna Junna example

How does it work?

A great design needs great people. That’s why we love talking to our clients. Personal communication is the key for a great design. The more we know about your needs, the better. Below, you can find our general workflow.


We carefully listen to your requirements.
Send us some examples of the style you want.


Big moment: we send you a first design.
Afterwards, we ask your feedback.


We highly value your feedback.
We adjust the design according to your wishes.

Final design

This is it: you approved the final design.
Now, we’re totally ready to create merchandise.

How can we make it so cheap?

The price for one design is € 250. It’s not our target to make profit with our design service. We want you to make profit with creative merchandise. And this is only possible with a memorable design. In the long term, this can only strengthen our partnership.

Let’s start your project

Designing clothing requires expertise. We know the technical requirements to print your design on clothing. Contact us if you want to create memorable merchandise or if you would like to receive more information.

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