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Start your own fashion brand in 3 easy steps

We help you channel your creativity by turning ideas into retail-ready and profitable apparel.

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step #1

Your collection

Start building your brand by deciding what you’re going to sell. Are you going to stick to the essentials or are you going to go all out with your first collection?

Start designing your collection by choosing out of 30+ different products available in more than 200 colorways.

step #2

Your unique design

Make the products truly yours by personalizing them with custom decoration techniques, labels or personalized hangtags.

step #3

Start selling

Our dedicated team of professionals knows all the ins and outs of the fashion market. Let them guide you through those first sales with their knowledge regarding webshops, retail, packaging and logistics.

Best selling fashion packages



  • 50 pieces of clothing
  • 1 Design
  • 100 Polyester Labels
  • Free Webshop
  • Free E-Workshop

Start from € 999



  • 100 pieces of clothing
  • 2 Designs
  • 250 Polyester Labels
  • 10 pieces of Headwear
  • 50 Totebags
  • Free Webshop
  • Free E-Workshop

Start from € 2,499



  • 220 pieces of clothing
  • 3 Designs
  • 500 Polyester Labels
  • 100 pieces of Headwear
  • Free Webshop
  • Free E-Workshop
  • Collection Day
  • 1h of Consulting

Start from € 4,999

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Case study


Case study



How can Merchandise Essentials help me?
Merchandise Essentials helps you design, develop and produce clothing and accessories. We are apparel architects, because just like an architect, we make developing custom made apparel easy, lucrative and more creative for our clients.
Is your production ethically and ecologically responsible?
Yes, we only use durable materials that are ethically and ecologically produced. This is the case for our textile and for our production methods.
What is a collection day?
Together with our team of experts, you’ll sort out the styles, colors & designs for your next clothing collection. At the end of the day, every detail is figured out & we’re ready to start production. You can find more information here.
Can you help me to make a design?
Yes, we have designers who can make the design you want. Further information can be found on our design service.
How do I deliver my designs?
You can deliver your designs as a vector file (.eps/.ai) or 300 dpi. Of course we also offer a vectorization service for people who don’t have this type of files.
What is the average production time?
The production time depends on your order. There is an average production time of 15 working days for standard orders. Learn more about our production times. In case you desire a scheduled delivery date, you can send an email to

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